Eder creates his own illusions to attack each enemy hero, and the illusions share Eder's 4th skill. When the illusions disappear, Eder himself will teleport to the weakest enemy.
Illusion increases additional ## attack damage. (30 * Skill Level)
Max use range: 1000

Wraith Dagger
Eder throws out a dagger, damaging enemies and increasing allies' movement speed.
Unlocks at: Green
Increases # damage (35 * Skill Level)
Damage type: Physical Attack
Skill can not be dodged
Gains 100 energy.

Revenant Coil
Eder summons a horde of revenants to absorb incoming damage and then attack nearby enemies.
Unlocks at: Blue
Absorbs up to ## damage (200 * Skill Level)
Deals ## damage (100 * Skill Level)
Gains 100 energy.

Bonus Damage
Eder deals bonus damage whenever he attacks an enemy who is alone.
Unlocks at: Purple
Damage bonus is increased by # (50 * Skill Level)

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