Natasha marks enemies with one of the four buffs: HP, energy, attack and magic power. During the mark time, the allied unit will get the buff bounty from the marked enemy after killing him.
HP bounty ## (150 * Skill Level)
Energy bounty ## (5 * Skill Level)
Attack damage bounty ## (20 * Skill Level)
Magic power bounty ## (30 * Skill Level)
Max use range: 300

Nathasha hurls a boomerang at an enemy, dealing damage and stunning him. The boomerang will bounce between nearby marked units by her ult skill.
Unlocks at: Green
Increases # damage (50 * Skill Level)
Stunning hit rate increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level # or lower (1 * Skill Level)
Damage type: Physical Attack
Skill can not be dodged
Gains 90 energy.
Max use range: 600

Natasha becomes invisible for a while. If she deals damage to enemies she will break the invisibility. If her normal attack breaks the invisibility, she will deal extra damage.
Unlocks at: Blue
Increases # damage (40 * Skill Level)
Gains 90 energy.
Max use range: 300

Natasha accumulates her power and releases it in her next normal attack.
Unlocks at: Purple
Accumulates ## attack damage per sec. (6 * Skill Level)

Bounty Storm
Using the Beach Party Skin enhances Bounty Queen's ultimate skill's effect.
Damage type: Physical Attack
Gains 100 energy.

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