Ongoing Events
1. Local refresh time every day: H M
2. Local refresh time every day: H M
First Time Purchase Promotion 2022/1/16 - 2022/1/23
Leaders who haven’t purchased gems in this server will get double gems in the first time purchase (this does not include bonus gems). Specially, as for the Monthly Card purchase, you will get 600 gems instantly and then 120 gems daily for 30 days.
Artifact Enhancing Event 2022/1/10 - 2022/1/16
During the event time, players will be ranked according to the power they have increased by upgrading or evolving Artifacts. Higher rankings offer better rewards. And Artifact Attributes will be doubled in PVP mode.
Craft Artifact and Gain Rewards 2022/1/10 - 2022/1/16
During the event time, players can craft Artifact in Temple of Zeus to get points. Use points to redeem rewards. Upgrade Artifact each time to get 10 points, and unlock or promote Artifact each time to get 100 points.
Gem Special Sale 2022/1/14 - 2022/1/16
During the event time, there is spcial package with 3 times basic gems in Gem Shop. But it does not include VIP points.
Magic Chest
A purchase of any amount (Purchasing Weekly Card does not give you any Magic Key.) can gain you the corresponding Magic Keys, as well as Magic Chests to send to the Guild Chat for your Guildmates to claim. For each player, each type of Magic Chest can be sent once per day. You need Magic Keys to open Magic Chests and receive awesome rewards.
Friendly Tips:
1.For each player's Magic Chests, each Guildmate can claim only once.
2. The Magic Chests will disappear in 1 day since being sent to the Guild Chat. Please claim them in time!
Follow Facebook to Get Rewards
Hello leaders! Thank you for supporting Heroes Charge. Don't forget to like and follow our official Facebook. Great rewards and events are waiting for you!
Purple and Orange Gear Promotion 2022/1/14 - 2022/1/16
All the purple and orange gear as well as purple and orange reels for sale will be discounted as much as 40%.(This does not include gear fragments or reel fragments)

Upon the Discount Promotion, you will need to refresh the shops for the discounted items to show up, otherwise you can just wait for the automatic refresh.
Awakening Path 2022/1/15 - 2022/1/31
You can receive rewards after completing quests. Let's check.
Medal of Bravery 2022/1/01 - 2022/1/31
Event Content: During the event time, players can improve the medal level to claim rewards and purchase Advanced Medal to gain rare rewards.
Double Drop from Outland Portal 2022/1/16 - 2022/1/19
The amount of dropped items from Outland Portal will be doubled.
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