Chicken Dinner
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1.Chicken Dinner opens on season basis. Players will receive rewards at the end of each season according to their title. Both the title and score reset every season.

2.After the purchase of the Chicken Card, you will receive extra title rewards.

3.Chicken Dinner requires 6 matched players and they can be from all servers.

4.A player needs to protect his Crystal from being destroyed. The last survived Crystal is the final winner!

5.Players can use Crystal Energon to purchase heroes. Three identical heroes automatically compose a higher star level hero. The star can be up to level 3.

6.A hero has his own race and type. Different heroes in same race and type can trigger race and type skills.

7.There are 6 heroes from a shared hero pool available to purchase at the beginning of each round. Players can refresh them using Crystal Energon. Players can sell their heroes back to the hero pool and get some Crystal Energon back.

8.Each round gains a certain amount of Crystal Energon. Remaining Crystal Energon produces derived ones in each round. A win or loss streak also gains extra Crystal Energon.

9.The defender's Crystal will help with the battle. If the defender loses the battle, his Crystal will lose some HP. If the round times out, the battle will be considered a tie.

10.The Crystal will receive some level EXP at the end of each round. The Crystal's level-up increases its power and hero amount limit. Players can get extra EXP using Crystal Energon.

11. The Crystal's appearance improves with title upgrading.

12. Chicken Dinner unlocks at Team Level 10.

12.Players can lock the hero summoning so that it will not refresh new heroes. A manual refresh automatically unlocks it.

13.Skills in the same type can be stacked.

14.The higher the Crystal level, the higher chance of rare cards.

15.Titles from low to high are Servant, Knight, Baron, General, Archduke, Prince, King and Legend.

16.The top 1 player in score among all servers will receive mysterious exclusive rewards.

The season rewards will be sent based on the Arena Mode or Wild Mode ranking, whichever is higher.

Wild Mode

In wild mode, you have level 3 Crystal, 3 hero slots and 50 Crystal Energon at the battle beginning.

You will get a God's Blessing chest at the battle beginning. Open it to receive 1 star level 2 hero, 1 hero equipment and 50 Crystal Energon.

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