Divine Power
Siran is blessed by the divine power and greatly increases his attack damage.
Increases ## attack damage during the ult skill time. (120 * Skill Level)
Damage type: Physical Attack
Max use range: 600

Storm Sword
Siran pours magic power into his sword, damaging and stunning enemies.
Unlocks at: Green
Increases # damage (60 * Skill Level)
Stunning hit rate increases with level, will definitely hit enemies of level # or lower (1 * Skill Level)
Damage type: Physical Attack
Gains 100 energy.
Max use range: 600

Divine Roars
Siran inspires his allies by roaring, increasing the whole team's attack damage and attack speed.
Unlocks at: Blue
Increases ## attack damage for the whole team. (10 * Skill Level)
Max use range: 800

Revenant Curses
Enemies being damaged by Siran will be cursed and cannot recover HP or get healed.
Unlocks at: Purple
The higher the Skill level, the higher the hit rate. You will get 100% chance if the target is under Level #. (1 * Skill Level)
Max use range: 50

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